instalacje co w poznaniu
instalacje gazowe poznań i okolice
instalacje wodne i kanalizacyjne poznań
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About us:

Our firm was established March 15, 1984 as the service-providing business entity.
Until September 30, 1990, the firm was member of the cooperative called
Wytwórczo-Usługowa Spółdzielnia Pracy located 17, Dąbrowskiego St., Poznań, POLAND.

The firm provided the complex building services in the field of water and drain/central
heating/gas installations.
In 1990, we took the name HYDRO-GAZ and continued our services as the member of cooperative
Spółdzielnia Rzemieślniczo-Budowlana, 17, Szamarzewskiego St., Poznań, POLAND.

Since 1995, our firm acts on the market as an independent business entity.
The owner of the firm is member of the Wielkopolska Regional Chamber of Building Engineers .
Important works completed.

During th years of business activity, our firm carried out services to the
private and public sectors’ entities, such as:

    - Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. – Poznań
    - Insitute of Plastic Forming, Poznań
    - Polish Academy of Science, Institute of Chemistry, Poznań
    - County Office, Poznań
    - Common Investment Union, Poznań
    - GEOPOZ, Poznań
    - AMICA, Wronki
    - Academy of Medicine, Poznań
    - Natural Fibres Institute, Poznań
    - Residential Communities
    - Association of Real Estate Owners and Managers, Poznań

Simultaneously, we provide services in other countries of European Union.

We are specialized in performing the complex installations in residantial buildings.

We are certified in following fields of building works:

    Certificate No. 170/76/PW : water-engineering and water intake
    Certificate No. 54/80/PW : sanitary networks and sanitary installations
    Certificate No. 465/92/PW: gas systems

We have own means of transport.
We have skilled workers and staff.

Instalacje gazowe Poznań. Instalacje co kotłownie Poznań. Instalacje wodno kanalizacyjne w Poznaniu.